Our podcasts provide an entertaining and informative look at popular music heritage. 
We shine a light on some of the events which make up our music history, talking to the people who were there when it happened.


Special Report: Update from the George Tavern

Duration: 17 mins
Released: 2 November 2017

We return to The George Tavern for a special report on the Music Heritage UK backed campaign to save the East London listed building, and (most importantly!) grassroots music venue, from inappropriate property development.

It's Only Rock and Roll: Hawkwind

Duration: 28 mins
Released: 13 Decmber 2017

Music Heritage UK meets David Brock of legendary space rockers Hawkwind to chat about his musical roots and education, starting the free festival movement, cheerleading the cultural underground and 50 years of playing live...

Royal Albert Hall

Duration: 56 mins
Released: 8 February 2017

Music Heritage UK meets Suzanne Keyte of the Royal Albert Hall for a behind the scenes peak at its illustrious pop history... featuring The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, banning the The Who and lots more...

The Zombies

Duration: 28 mins
Released: 26 September 2017

Music Heritage UK meets Rod Argent of The Zombies in the latest instalment of our podcast series, It's Only Rock and Roll. Rod shares stories around unleashing an unexpected hit, breaking America, splitting up early on... and reuniting the Zombies in later years...

Ricky Tick Club

Duration: 33 mins
Released: 8 December 2016

Music Heritage UK meets the DJ of the iconic Ricky Tick Club, Martin Fuggles to discuss the role they played in the early careers of acts like the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd and Cream. The iconic 1960s club was held at venues across the outskirts of London in places like Windsor, Reading, Hounslow and Slough and for a short time they were the country's most influential promoters working outside of central London.

George Underwood: Iconic album artwork and David Bowie

Duration: 41 mins
Released: 2 November 2016

Music Heritage UK meets George Underwood to discuss creating iconic LP artwork, his friendship with David Bowie, teaching Peter Frampton his first guitar chords and his brief career making music as Calvin James...

Explore his iconic album artwork in our blog post and listen to our accompanying playlist here.

Tales of Extreme Fandom: The Kinks

Duration: 26 mins
Released: 7 September 2016

Music Heritage UK drops in on the fans celebrating the music and times of The Kinks at the Clissold Arms - the pub where the Davies brothers first played live - the night before the annual gathering in London, The Kinks Konvention.

Opening Hendrix's Home

Duration: 40 mins
Released: 4 March 2016

We go behind the scenes at the new permanent Hendrix exhibition in his former home in Brook Street, Mayfair with the Handel & Hendrix in London museum. Our thanks to everyone at Handel & Hendrix in London for making this happen.

Find out more on our blog.

Isle of Wight 1969: Stealing Dylan from Woodstock

Duration: 55 mins
Released: 18 June 2015

We met with Ray Foulk, author of 'When the World Came to the Isle of Wight. Vol 1 - Stealing Dylan from Woodstock' to discuss his book, attracting Bob Dylan to the island and out of semi-retirement, organising festivals and much more.

Isle of Wight 1970: The Last Great Event

Duration: 1 hour & 2 mins
Released: 4 March 2016

Ray Foulk, founder and organiser of the original Isle of Wight Festivals speaks to us about the 1970 festival which saw 250,000 descend onto the island for a weekend of music, and his new book, 'The Last Great Event'.

Soho in the '50s: Coffee bars, jazz clubs & early rock 'n roll

Duration: 47 mins
Released: 29 January 2016

We explore Soho's late '50s musical history - from coffee bars to jazz clubs - with Back in the Day Walks.

Find out more about their range of musical and cultural walking tours over at their website.

Eel Pie Island: A Passport to Eelpiland

Duration: 29 mins
Released: 8 October 2015

We meet up with Michele Whitby of the Eel Pie Island Museum for a look at the rich popular music history of this small island on the Thames. Find out more the museum at their website.

Read a previous interview with Michele, explore our Eel Pie Island gallery and playlists.

Roundhouse: Rebirth of an historic performance space

Duration: 25 mins
Released: 14 October 2014

We meet up with Roundhouse Chief Executive and Artistic Director, Marcus Davey OBE, for a tour of this iconic Camden venue's history and heritage. Find out more about the venue's history on their website and read our blog post on the Roundhouse website.

Denmark Street: The future of London's music mecca

Duration: 30 mins
Released: 1 April 2015

We meet Henry Scott-Irvine who has been leading the campaign to Save Denmark Street from over-zealous property development. 

Find out more about the campaign at their website or on our campaign pages.

Camden Town: Birthplace of Britpop

Duration: 35 mins
Released: 5 August 2015

London Calling returns to Camden where we meet up with Alison Wise, tour guide on the 'Rock n Roll Camden Walking Tour', to explore the locations which helped make Camden Town the epicentre of Britpop and the birthplace of the last major mainstream musical movement.

Book your tour with Alison over at her website, and discover more on Facebook.

Pioneering Producer of Holloway Road

Duration: 21 mins
Released: 18 November 2013

We discover the life and times of legendary music producer and sound innovator, Joe Meek with Rob Bradford of the Joe Meek Society at the location of what was his studio on Holloway Road - possibly the world's first home recording studio! ** Apologies to our listeners for minor sound/technical issues in this episode **

Midnight Special: The gig which launched punk

Duration: 24 mins
Released: 23 November 2013

Featuring the Sex Pistols, The Clash and Buzzcocks, this historic punk gig made history and helped to kickstart the punk revolution in music. We interview cinema technician Colin Payne who was working behind the scenes on the night at Screen on the Green in Angel in 1976.

The Rainbow: Finsbury Park's iconic 70s rock venue

Duration: 27 mins
Released: 5 August 2014

Featuring an interview with former Rainbow Theatre employee Rick Burton and rare concert recordings, we discuss some of the special moments which took place in the Finsbury Park venue and which have ensured that it is still fondly remembered today.

Save Earls Court

Duration: 13 mins
Released: 7 November 2013

Your host Andy met with local campaigners, including artist and local resident Duggie Fields, on Save Earls Court Day which took place on 26 October 2013, to find out why they are opposed to the redevelopment plans.

Save The George Tavern

Duration: 15 mins
Released: 5 February 2014

Landlady Pauline Forster explores the history of the George Tavern, the music heritage of the venue, her ongoing battle with developers and her love in restoring the Grade II listed structure to its former glory.

Find out more about the campaign here, or at the dedicated mini-site.

Squatting to Save Denmark Street

Duration: 10 mins
Released: 28 January 2015

Our Special Report focuses on the campaigners who have moved into the premises of the old 12 Bar Club on Denmark Street, London in protest at development plans to change the historic street. 

** Warning: Contains strong language! **