Notes on the Music Museums and Tours map

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This map is an update and expansion of a previous custom Google Maps we created back in 2014. However, we're sure we've probably missed a few relevant entries, so please do drop us a line if you think we can add to the map.

We have included all the known (to us!) music museums and attractions around the world, as well as known popular music related tours and tourguides. We have not included Hard Rock Cafes, plaques, statues or other 'free' places of pilgrimage or celebration (although we may well add an extra layer with this information in a future update).

We have linked to websites, facebook pages, twitter accounts and instagram profiles of the museums and tourguides. We're not responsible for their content and have only shared the ones we could find. In addition we've linked to TripAdvisor reviews. Taking all of this together, this will hopefully allow you to get a better feel for what's on offer. 

Where relevant we've also linked to related Music Heritage UK content - interviews, podcasts, or blog posts.

Icons were designed by Freepik and distributed by Flaticon. All other images created by Music Heritage UK.

Our maps currently use the Carto platform (formerly "CartoDB") as it has given us the best in terms of flexibility and presentation. The images are hosted externally on Ultra IMG. For more on why we chose these services, their limitations, and our next steps in terms of adding extra functionality to our online maps, please see our blog post on our Stones in London map which summarised our findings from working on the map.

Proud to use the  platform.

Mistakes? Additions? Ideas? Future themes?

Before you ask... please bear in mind we're on version one of our map platform, and we currently can't embed content from YouTube, Spotify or elsewhere! We're working on bringing this functionality to our maps in the future.

However, please do get in touch with us if there's something else we've missed, got wrong or simply forgot about! We'd love to hear from you! 

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