Notes on the Iron Maiden: The Complete Gigography map

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The map covers all of Iron Maiden's known concerts between 1980 and 2017. Please note that we have mapped all of their concerts to the best of our knowledge and ability. Given the size, length and scope of the project there are some omissions, some strange locations and in the case of Japan, some probable mistakes (searching for venues without the original name proved extremely challenging).

Where we were not sure, we have tended to follow Google's suggestions or moved the pin to the centre of the closest location. Please do email us if we've got it massively wrong.

Where the band have played multiple times, the entries are stacked on the same spot. Please note that the 'chips' are not in any particular order.

This is a Music Heritage UK project and is not endorsed by the band.

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Bibliography - online
We used a coupld of online sources as part of our research:

Eddie image used in map entry header by Renzo González Vereau, licensed under Creative Commons.

Our maps currently use the Carto platform (formerly "CartoDB") as it has given us the best in terms of flexibility and presentation. The images are hosted externally on Ultra IMG. For more on why we chose these services, their limitations, and our next steps in terms of adding extra functionality, please see our blog post around our Stones in London map which summarised our findings from working on our first map.

Proud to use the  platform.

Mistakes? Additions? Ideas? Future themes?

Before you ask... please bear in mind we're on version one of our map platform, and we currently can't embed content from YouTube, Spotify or elsewhere! We're working on bringing this functionality to our maps in the future.

However, please do get in touch with us if there's something else we've missed, got wrong or simply forgot about! We'd love to hear from you! 

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