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Discover our popular music history through our interactive online maps. 

Iron Maiden: The Complete Gigography

Curated by:

Released: April 2017
Entries: 2,182

Mapping over 2,000 concerts by one of the UK's most successful touring acts...

More than 37 years of concerts at venues, theatres, arenas, auditoriums and stadiums across the five continents. As well as exploring our map, why not read our blog on why we chose to map Iron Maiden and have a listen of our Best of Iron Maiden playlist, as chosen by fan-site, Maiden Revelations.


Pink Floyd in Cambridge

Curated by:

Released: May 2017
Entries: 32

To coincide with Their Mortal Remains at the V&A in London, we've released this map celebrating the life and times of early Pink Floyd in Cambridge, early home to Dave Gilmour, Roger Waters and Syd Barrett

The map was featued in local newspaper, Cambridge News.


Pink Floyd in London

Curated by:

Released: May 2017
Entries: 154

We explore the life and times of Pink Floyd in London as they moved from the underground, psycedelic scene to become multi-million album selling major artists. Discover the concerts and studios where they worked, as well as the places they used to play in our map released to coincide with Their Mortal Remains at the V&A.


Bob Dylan in the UK

Curated by:

Released: January 2017
Entries: 123

Mapping 55 years of Bob Dylan concerts, as well as some of the places the Nobel prize winner has visited. Our thanks to Dylan fan Steve Heath for his research and input!


Hendrix in the UK

Curated by:

Released: October 2016
Entries: 219

Discovering the life and times of Jimi Hendrix in the UK. We explore the people, places and events which helped to shape the man and the musician and discover how his time in the UK influenced his craft. 


Music Museums and tours

Curated by:

Released: July 2016
Entries: 167

Music Heritage UK's database of worldwide music heritage attractions, museums and tour guides with entries from the US, Europe and beyond! Explore TripAdvisor reviews or find out more on social media - ideal for pre-holiday research!

The Rolling Stones in London

Curated by:

Released: April 2016
Entries: 202

Released to coincide with the 2016 London leg of Exhibitionism, the Rolling Stones retrospective, this map explores the life and times of the "world's greatest rock and roll band". Discover their concert history, the studios where they worked, and other places of interest - including their homes, hang-outs and the inspiration behind some of their songs.

We're also delighted to have had the map covered in the Londonist.

Partner Maps

Online music maps from other organisations.

Interactive 2-Tone Trail

Author: Coventry Music Museum
Launched: 2015

Coventry Music Museum has created an online version of the 2-Tone Trail - a tour of Coventry's famous music scene and the places which made it happen. The tour was devised by museum founder and curator Pete Chambers who first put it into a book format.

Discover the one bedroom flat where the 2-Tone label was formed, where The Specials and others played live.

Manchester Music Map

Author: BuiltbyHowie and RAGINGtrifle
Launched: 2016

From the legendary Sex Pistols gig that kicked off Joy Division and Factory Records, to Morrissey and The Smiths, to the birth of rave culture and the "Madchester" scene, and finally the indie swagger of the Stone Roses and Oasis: it all happened in Manchester.

Punk London

Author: Punk London
Launched: 2016

Part of London's 40th anniversary of Punk, the organisers have created an online map to coincide with the celebrations. Discover where the first gigs were put on, the squats where the band members of The Clashand Sex Pistols lived, the spaces the bands rehearsed in, and where the bands bought their clothes.

Although sparse, the map is user-led, so please do send in updates!

The Clubbing Map

Author: Nesta
Launched: September 2017

Social innovation boffins Nesta in partnership with listings provider, Resident Advisor have compiled a map of London's changing clubbing scene.

Read our blog post for more of our thoughts on the map and the accompanying analysis which shows night clubs are leaving central London.

Printed Maps

Ideal for exploring music heritage on foot! Available to download or buy.

Punk London

Authors: Herb Lester Associates
Released: 2016 | Price: £6.00

Created by the wonderful folk over at Herb Lester, Punk London takes us to 111 locations across the city and features key locations in the history of the Sex PistolsThe Clash, and The Damned.

Written by cultural commentator Paul Gorman, Punk London charts the squats, clubs, shops and rehearsal spaces from which punk emerged and grew into a global phenomenon

Wish You Were There: London 1960-66

Authors: Herb Lester Associates
Released: 2014 | Price: £4.00

A guide to the best places to shop, dance, eat and drink in London, circa 1960-66. There are coffee bars, discotheques, boutiques and record shops, including The MarqueeThe Scotch of St JamesThe Ad LibIndicaFoale & TuffinKleptomania...

All in all it’s 130 entries which tell the story of London at the height of the swinging sixties

London Music Map

Authors: Nick Faber & RUDE
Released: 2016 | Price: £8.00

A fold out map to help music fans and tourists alike to explore the music history of London. More than 50 entries cover the major locations across London, including iconic songs, venues, photography locations, and gig venues. Its design is as engaging as the content and presents locations with bold dashes of colour.

For sale at the London Music Map website, the map is also available as a poster/print version (pictured above).

Camden Music History Map

Author: Camden Council
Released: 2011 | Price: Free

Created by the Mayor of Camden in 2011, this downloadable map is the perfect way to discover North London's music capital and features the local venues, bars, studios, as well as  musically significant locations such as Denmark Street.

Bands such as MadnessBlondieAmy Winehouse and The Ramones all have roots in here, while Camden Town was a key location in the rise of Britpop.


Dublin Music Map

Authors: Dublin City University and Fáilte Ireland
Released: 2016 | Price: Free

Accompanying academic research on the potential for developing Dublin's music tourism offering, the map was created by academics Áine Mangaoang and John O’Flynn of Dublin City University, designed by Simon Roche & illustrated by Maria Hildrick. The map covers gig venues, record shops, trad sessions, clubs and heritage locations.

More information on the project can be found on the website. The map is free to download although you will need to register with the website (and answer a few annoying questions) before be able to access the PDF.