Royal Albert Hall 

This iconic London music venue requires no introduction... Our thanks to Suzanne Keyte at the Hall for delving into their archive to share items from some of the Hall's most iconic moments with us.

Listen to our accompanying podcast with Suzanne where we explore the gig which featured The Beatles and The Rolling Stones on the same bill, Bob Dylan going electric and being booed, Eric Clapton's numerous appearances over the years, Jimi Hendrix playing one of his best gigs with the Experience, Deep Purple inventing symphonic rock with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, and the banning of acts including Chuck Berry, Frank Zappa and The Who.

All images are copyright Royal Albert Hall and republished with their kind permission. Visit their online database to explore the 30,000 events from 1871 to last night, and includes scans of programmes, flyers, adverts and other assorted memorabilia, as well as set lists and other relevant information. Read more about the archives on our blog.

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