Record Mirror

Record Mirror magazine was published in the UK between 1954 and 1991 and regularly competed with its rival titles, NME, Melody Maker and Disc magazine for the attentions of the UK's young music loving public.  The magazine, although relatively successful at its peak in the 1970s, never reached the circulation heights that the NME did and in 1975 it incorporated Disc magazine.  In 1982 the magazine changed from a tabloid to magazine format in a bid to boost sales.

We've collected a few covers for you here from the 1980s.  The magazines themselves (with the benefit of the hindsight of today) do seem somewhat innocent! But there are some excellent tidbits and snapshots of a bygone era in popular music.

It's interesting to note that the magazine carried ane extensive dance section, covered the nascient acid house and rave scenes and with extensive commentary of various American charts, was more cutting edge than their rivals.

We've collected other clippings from the magazine and are sharing them on our Twitter account (#RM80s) and a dedicated Pinterest board.

You can find out more about all of this on our blog too.


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