Gigs at Union Chapel under threat

The council have given the go-ahead to the controversial residential scheme. However, the developers will be contributing to the soundproofing of the Chapel's buildings.

The Union Chapel's future as a music venue is under threat.

The church, and winner of Time Out's best London venue in 2012, is now also a space for musicians - whether for performances or rehearsals - and has been the scene for a wide range of eclectic gigs.  In addition to this, the registered charity also works with the homeless, providing them with support and assistance.

The venue is under threat from a planning application to build homes nearby by Housing Association, Notting Hill Homes.  The proposed plans would make live music difficult as it would likely generate noise complaints from these new residents.  In addition to this, traffic congestion would hinder load-in at the Chapel.

Union Chapel is asking for the council/developers to integrate into the plans features such as sound proofing to the structure of Union Chapel and adequate loading bay provision at its back so that it can continue to operate without disturbing their new residential neighbours.

Get involved now, by signing the petition.  On November 12th 2012 the council are meeting to discuss these development plans.  It would be more than a shame to see music stop at one of London's quirkiest and most special music venues.

**UPDATE** At the meeting on the 12th of November 2012 the development was accepted, but the Council are still discussing the contribution to affordable housing that the developers will have to make.

Union Chapel are still campaigning to get the developers to make Section 106 contributions for sound insulation and possibly a loading area which will mitigate to some extent the anticipated congestion and disturbance both during construction and beyond.

Read the statement from the Union Chapel here.**

News Updates:

Janurary 2013 - Planning application given the go-ahead at Council meeting. Union Chapel is given a 'Section 106 contribution' to pay for soundproofing. Read more at the Islington Gazette.

12 November 2012 - Development plans accepted but Council are still discussing the contribution to affordable housing the developers will have to make. Union Chapel are still asking for developers to make a 'Section 106 contribution' for sound proofing.

November 2012 - Online petition reaches 12,000.

July 2012 - Theatres Trust respond to initial planning application.

What you need to do now!

1. Sign up to the petition at 

2. Show your support to the Union Chapel on their facebook and through twitter

3. Let your friends know and spread the word! 

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