The Twisted Wheel

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Manchester's Twisted Wheel, the Birthplace of Northern Soul, must be saved

8 February 2012

Music Heritage UK, the country’s only charity which exists to promote, protect and preserve our nation’s musical heritage responds to the news that the location of the legendary Twisted Wheel club in Manchester is to be demolished.

The Twisted Wheel was the birthplace of Northern Soul which spread across the North West in the 1960s and 1970s and has influenced musicians as wide ranging as Soft Cell, the Charlatans and more recently Plan B.  In recent times, a Twisted Wheel club night has been resurrected at the original venue of the club on Whitworth Street.

James Ketchell, Chief Executive of Music Heritage UK says, “We’re saddened to see the demolition of one of Manchester’s most culturally significant venues.  Manchester has a proud musical heritage and for one of its iconic and historic venues to be demolished to make way for a budget hotel is, quite simply, appalling.

The venue is too important culturally for it to be replaced by a concrete and glass block (albeit one which is likely to have a small plaque commemorating the Twisted Wheel on the side) and we don’t want to see Manchester make the same mistake that Liverpool did in allowing the demolition of the Cavern Club in the 1970s, only to have to create a replica venue a few years later.

Manchester is currently considering building a Manchester Music ‘Hall of Fame’ type exhibition to celebrate the City’s place in popular music history.

James Ketchell added, “To want to build a Hall of Fame to celebrate Manchester’s music is a great idea, but it seems incongruous to do so when places that made it so important for music in the first place, like the Twisted Wheel, are being demolished.

Music Heritage UK is a recently formed charity which exists to promote, protect and preserve our nation’s rich and diverse popualr musical heritage.  Music fans can find out more at the website (;or on Twitter (@MusicHeritageUK) or Facebook.

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