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Music Heritage UK slams decision to remove the gates at Strawberry Fields

10 May 2011

Commenting on the news that the Salvation Army has removed the gates to the entrance of Strawberry Fields, which inspired John Lennon to write one of the Beatles’ most infamous songs, James Ketchell, Chief Executive and Founder of Music Heritage UK says:

“It’s an absolute tragedy that, yet again, another piece of our nation’s musical heritage is being tampered with.  The gardens behind the gates were visited by John Lennon when he was a child, the site inspired the Beatles to write one of their most iconic songs loved the world over, and the gates are an important stop off point for the £250m a year Beatles tourist industry in Liverpool.

“The Salvation Army has not decided what to do with the original gates and has hinted that it may sell the gates at auction.  These gates might not seem impressive or deserving from an aesthetic point of view, but they are an important piece of musical heritage which should be preserved for future generations of Beatles fans.”

“As a nation we need to do more to promote, protect and preserve our musical heritage.  This simply would not happen if we were discussing the heritage of one of the nation’s literary greats, of a former politician or a member of the royal family.  If we don’t watch out then in a few years time we will regret loosing some of the places which influenced the biggest cultural movements of the 20th Century.”

Music Heritage UK has written to the Salvation Army seeking clarification around what they intend to do with the original gates.

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