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Minister for Tourism and Heritage’s decision on 100 Club proves need for a dedicated musical heritage charity

10 January 2012

The decision by the Minister for Tourism and Heritage, John Penrose, to deny the 100 Club listed status shows the need for a dedicated organisation to protect, promote and preserve venues which are, not only historically and culturally important, but which also act as a springboard for future musical heritage. The 100 Club, which has played host to seminal gigs by the Rolling Stones, Sex Pistols, White Stripes, Oasis and others too numerous to mention, had hoped to become a listed building, to secure its long-term future.

Chief Executive, James Ketchell says, “This decision shouldn’t really come as a huge surprise - most music venues are in a grey-zone as far as heritage is concerned.  The traditional heritage world doesn’t necessarily understand the importance of places like the 100 Club to musicians and fans alike, and these venues are rarely in buildings of architectural significance.  

This decision does prove the need for an organisation such as ours to celebrate the importance of venues like the 100 Club and we’d urge any music fans interested in this area to visit us online and get on board.  In the current economic climate small venues, which do so much to nurture musical talent, need all the support they can get.

"With greater numbers we will be able to make a difference when it comes to future decisions like these."

Music Heritage UK is a recently formed charity which exists to promote, protect and preserve our nation’s rich and diverse popualr musical heritage.  Music fans can find out more at the website ( or on Twitter (@MusicHeritageUK) or Facebook.

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