Jimi Hendrix plaque

A redevelopment of a hotel has meant that a plaque erected to celebrate a famous resident, Jimi Hendrix has been removed. We're calling for it to be reinstated.

London was key in the development of Jimi Hendrix.  His adopted city helped to make the man musically and it was on the streets of London that he first reached a wide audience and developed into the greatest guitar talent of his generation. 

His first London home was at the Hyde Park Towers Hotel, a Bayswater hotel which was in a dilapidated state.  Jimi Hendrix stayed here for three months upon his arrival in the City and wrote 'Stone Free' and 'Love or Confusion' while staying here.

The Hyde Park Towers Hotel celebrated this fact with a metalic rectangular plaque on its wall which was unveiled in the 90s. The hotel has since been rebranded and redeveloped.  Owners, LA Suites have removed the plaque which celebrated the fact that Jimi Hendrix lived at the address for three months, wanting to distance themselves from this culturally significant event.

Plaques are important in building our country's musical tourism and are key in igniting interest in this area.  It's partly through the use of plaques are we able to inspire people  - whether locals, tourists, or even people working at the hotel.  On a more general point, we should be putting more plaques up to celebrate the people, places and events which make up our popular music heritage, rather than removing them.

The company wishes to distance itself from its hotel's own proud musical heritage.  But what they fail to realise is that the name of Hyde Park Towers, and it's Hendrix association, is set to outlive the name LA Suites.

We are asking that the original plaque is restored in some way, so that music fans, cultural historians and even visitors to the hotel are able to celebrate the life and times of one of the world's greatest guitarists.  It does not demean the hotel. On the contrary it, in fact, complements it and offers visitors something more.

What you need to do now!

1. Send an email to LA Suites, the company which now owns the Hyde Park Towers hotel site.

2. Let your friends know on social media or email and spread the word! 


Get the low down...

Bruce of London Rock Tours tells more about the hotel and its place in music history: 

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