Who we are

We are a group of music fans who have come together to help celebrate our musical heritage. We believe that more should be done to promote, protect and preserve our popular musical heritage.

James Ketchell

James Ketchell (Chief Executive)

James is the founder of Music Heritage UK. He has over ten years experience working in communication teams of the not-for-profit sector for two major national charities. In addition to this he ran a successful night for up-and-coming bands in London for four years and also managed indie-dance-punk band, The Winter Olympics.  He helped industry body UK Music write their report 'Imagine. The Value of Music Heritage tourism' released in 2014.

Favourite artist: Bob Dylan.
Favourite album: 'Exile on Main Street' by The Rolling Stones.
Best live show: Bruce Springsteen in Helsinki.
Act he wishes he could have seen live: David Bowie.

Chris Basiurski

Chris Basiurski (Chair of Trustees)

Chris is the chair of Trustees at Music Heritage UK. A lawyer by trade he also has extensive charity/not-for-profit experience previously working as Chair of the Gay Football Supporters’ Network. He is a huge music fan and an avid festival and gig goer. His biggest honour was being asked to run with the Olympic torch in 2012.

Favourite artist: Pink Floyd.
Favourite album: 'Levelling the Land' by The Levellers.
Best live show: Simon and Garfunkel in Washington DC.
Act he wishes he could have seen live: Pink Floyd.

Jamie Credland

Jamie Credland (Trustee)

Jamie is a Trustee of Music Heritage UK and has worked for the last eight years in marketing/advertising, first for agency Universal McCann, then for The Economist. He is a passionate music fan and an avid gig goer.

Favourite artist: David Bowie.
Favourite album: 'Ladies and Gentlemen we are Floating in Space' by Spiritualized.
Best live show: Kings of Leon at 100 Club.
Act he wishes he could have seen live: Led Zeppelin.

Panikos Efthimiou (Trustee)

Panikos has over 33 years experience of working in the charity sector, and has been a chair of a number of not-for-profit organisations. He trains trustees and charities on a range of issues including fundraising and governance and writes theatre reviews in his spare time.

Favourite artist: Bob Marley.
Favourite album: 'The Green Fields of France' by The Furey Brothers and Davey Arthur.
Best live show: Jethro Tull.
Act he wishes he could have seen live: Abba.

Andy Grazebrook

Andy Grazebrook (Trustee)

Andy has worked in the charity sector for over ten years as a corporate fundraiser. He is also a part time DJ and plays guitar in psych-blues act Curious Hour.  Andy also presents and produces Music Heritage UK's series of podcasts.

Favourite artist: Jimi Hendrix.
Favourite album: 'London Calling' by the Clash.
Best live show: Glastonbury 2000.
Act he wishes he could have seen live: Bob Marley.